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Rebecca Paradiso de Sayu, PhD, MSW, BCC

As a proud PhD holder, I see the value that the degree brings to any career. And, I see the fear many prospective and current doctoral students - along with postdocs - experience around the job search. If there isn’t a job available that matches their expertise, if they don’t receive offers, or if professorship doesn't align with the vision they have for their career, they are suddenly faced with the problem of what to do next. 

Rather than waiting until the end of a PhD program or postdoc to consider career options, my philosophy is to think early and often about your sense of purpose, what you value, the impact you want to have on society.

After working in academic, government, nonprofit, and private sectors, I have homed in on the skills that PhD holders most need to thrive across career industries. And with their extensive expertise and experience, I can help them to communicate their value across diverse markets. 


I also appreciate the struggle that universities face by trying to prepare PhD students and postdocs for so many possible careers. As a coach and partner to students and university administrators, I provide compassionate and action-oriented support to help clients reach their career goals. 

To learn more about me, visit the website for our parent company,

Explore, Create, Evaluate Partners, LLC.

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