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Prof2Prof is a free platform for higher education faculty and instructors, researchers, administrators, doctoral students, and postdocs to network and share academic resources.  The platform elevates many different forms of research, translational and public engagement activities, creative expressions of scholarship, and the tools academics use in these endeavors. Our mission is two-fold: (1) to broaden the definition of scholarship beyond legacy models that primarily focus on peer-reviewed publications in academic journals; and (2) to extend and deepen academics’ scholarly impact on society by heightening the visibility of their work and making it more accessible. 

The traditional academic “CV” is a flat and outdated means of sharing the scope of one’s work. Prof2Prof provides an interactive professional website that is easy to create and maintain, with the added advantage of being part of a large academic ecosystem. It offers a centralized home base for individuals to carry with them throughout their careers, even if they move into roles outside of academia. 

Prof2Prof also supports academic networks and teams looking for a way to build community, organize and keep track of communication, and share resources around a common goal or initiative. Higher education administrators and academic staff who provide a wide range of support for students and programs are welcome to join, as well.  Universities and colleges can choose to sponsor undergraduate and master’s student affiliate memberships, which enables support with admissions, student career development, service learning, mentoring, graduation—even alumni relations. 

For more information, visit Prof2Prof:  

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