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A Manifesto for Change

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

A desire to be seen; representation; changing the narrative: This is The Purposeful PhD.

The Purposeful PhD was born out of a desire to be seen. For so many of us, the feeling of wanting something “other” than the track brings up so much shame. But the purpose of the book is bigger than that. It’s a manifesto for change in higher education. It’s a calling for different indicators of success for PhD programs -- not based on the job category of graduates or how many publications they have -- but on how capable students feel in living a life with purpose.

It’s also a book about representation. It’s the reason that I felt compelled to print this book in color... a pretty “unacademic” choice by conventional standards. I did it because the profiles I included showcase numerous Black, Brown, and Indigenous scholars. And to feel seen is served by seeing others, in their full and brilliant beauty, who have walked the path before. While the conditions of your journey are no doubt unique, to know there are others who made it -- and who are thriving -- can offer a deep source of comfort.

This book is ultimately about changing the narrative around what's possible with a PhD when systems and individuals challenge the status quo about what "counts" as a successful professional life. It's about taking actions that support a different way forward. In The Purposeful PhD: Aligning Your Career with Your Purpose, Values, and Impact, I show you how do it.

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