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If you were to choose a career based on its alignment with your purpose, what would it be? If you have no idea, don't worry. PhD students are rarely encouraged to reflect on their sense of purpose, values, and the impact they want to have on society.


For years, academia has espoused the tenure track as the singular worthy outcome of doctoral education. But with the dearth of available positions, and growing appreciation that wellbeing -- not a specific job title -- is what matters, you'll probably need a different kind of mentorship than your advisor can offer. That's where this book comes in.


The Purposeful PhD offers a practical roadmap to connect your doctoral training with any career. With stories from inspiring PhD-holders; top tips for translating your skills and expertise; and activities to identify the qualities of a career that matter to you; The Purposeful PhD is your ultimate companion. 


Gentle Autumn Press, 2021

The Purposeful PhD: Aligning Your Career with Your Purpose, Values, and Impact

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    When you reflect on what price to pay, we ask that you consider the cost of materials and the time and labor to create this product, as well as the following factors:

    - your access to wealth in the global context;
    - historical discrimination faced by your peoples;
    - your financial wealth (do you have retirement savings?);
    - your access to income and financial wealth, both current and anticipated (how easily could you earn more income compared to other people in your country and in the world? do you expect to receive an inheritance?);
    - people counting on your financial livelihood including dependents and community members;
    - and the socio-economic conditions of your locale (relative to other places in your country and in the world).

    ~ Adapted from The Future is Beautiful, Amisha Ghadiali

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