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Speaking Engagements

I motivate and empower students with upbeat, action-oriented presentations that inspire a sense of hope and possibility. Sample presentations include:

Topic: The Purposeful PhD: Connecting with mentors for career search success beyond the tenure track

Description: This session explores the career landscape for PhD-holders, highlighting the myriad of employment opportunities across sectors. Students reflect on their interests, skills, and talents and how to connect them with a job that aligns with their values. They learn about identifying mentors in potential fields, and a panel of PhDs in diverse professions share top tips for preparing for careers beyond the tenure track. This session is useful for graduate students and postdocs who want a better sense of their career options, as well as reassurance that support is available as they consider job opportunities across sectors.

Topic: The Purposeful PhD: Top tips for launching a career beyond the tenure track

Description: This session helps participants to think expansively about their career options, as well as how to frame their expertise across sectors. I offer advice on the skills, opportunities, and questions to ask themselves when searching for a career that aligns with their values. From business terminology to lifestyle considerations, participants learn insider tips to help land a career across sectors. This presentation is useful for prospective and current graduate students and postdocs who want real-world strategies to help navigate the job market.

Topic: The Purposeful PhD: Top Tips for undergraduates considering a career beyond the tenure track

Description: Even before starting the degree, undergraduates have questions about whether a PhD makes sense and what career options exist beyond faculty roles. This session provides students with a snapshot of multiple career paths for PhD-holders. Students work through activities that help to clarify their values, interests, and purpose before applying for a PhD. I encourage students to think expansively about their futures and how the PhD can complement their goals. From ideas about questions to ask advisors to career planning advice, this session is useful for undergraduates who are curious about exploring the degree.

*Custom presentations available upon request. 

"Rebecca has given multiple excellent presentations on non-tenure track positions for PhD students. The evaluations from the students after the workshops were glowing, and she provided great tools, information, and examples of all of the ways one can utilize the transferable skills of a PhD. I will be bringing her back annually to provide workshops for my juniors and seniors. I would highly recommend her and her variety of services if you are interested in exposing your students to non-academic careers and educating them on all the ways they can use a PhD."

~ Dr. Atiera Coleman, Former Director, McNair Scholars Program, Beloit College


"Rebecca's sessions had a big impact on me. It was the first time I heard someone say openly that not pursuing an academic career was not a failure and could be a choice. I felt it really validated what I had been going through. I left Rebecca's session feeling empowered, like I could do anything I wanted to, and also better equipped to navigate the non-academic job market. It was a brilliant mixture of light-bulb moments and practical tips."

~ Dr. Sandrine Pell, University of Wisconsin-Madison

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I work with students one-on-one or in small groups to develop a vision for their professional futures and to troubleshoot their unique concerns. We discuss topics ranging from how to select a PhD program that aligns with their unique interests and career goals; how to focus their job search; transferable skills and communicating value across industries; identifying mentors and much more. Coaching is held via phone or Zoom.

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Students often ask me, “Can you show me examples of *real* PhD holders who have these phantom jobs you talk of”?! Yes, I can! In this interactive and inspiriting workbook, students learn about dozens of PhD professionals who enjoy careers across sectors. They consider reflection questions that help clarify what they want to do with their lives – i.e. their sense of purpose – and how to achieve it. Throughout the workbook, I am intentional to portray a rich diversity of scholars who translate their expertise for impact. This workbook is essential for every graduate student, postdoc and aspiring PhD student at any point in their PhD journey.


To purchase your copy, visit the shop. To inquire about bulk order discounts, please email

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