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The COVID pandemic has compelled many to reexamine the proverbial "fit" when it comes to our careers. The Washington Post calls it the "great reassessment”. Perhaps it is time the PhD community does the same. The Purposeful PhD offers convincing evidence and practical suggestions for PhDs making the transition. As a PhD with a career beyond the tenure track, I deeply appreciate the voice of wisdom in this exceptional book.

— Gemma Jiang, PhD, Director of Organizational Innovation, University of Pittsburgh, Swanson School of Engineering 

Thank you, Rebecca, for creating a resource for those of us who color outside of the lines and are wild and crazy enough to choose an alternative to the traditional route. A PhD offers the skillset, experience, and knowledge to pursue endless opportunities that align with our purpose, passion, and higher calling. And now Rebecca invites us to explore new possibilities and celebrates us for doing so. She is a gift and so is The Purposeful PhD.

— Sagashus T. Levingston, PhD, Founder & CEO, Infamous Mothers

The Purposeful PhD offers a new lens on career freedom for prospective, soon-to-be, and recent doctoral graduates. Rebecca expands the landscape of professional opportunities and supports readers to make career choices guided by their core intentions. She is a trailblazer. This is a must-read book for anyone wanting to think expansively about their career with a PhD.

— Eva Pomeroy, PhD, Research Lead, Presencing Institute 

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